pink_porcupette's Journal

28 December 1977
alice in wonderland, animals in clothes, anthropomorphic kitchenware, antique books, antique valentines, archy and mehitabel, art, arthur rackham, autumn leaves, beatrix potter, bes-ben hats, bird wings, bittersweet chocolate, bunny rabbits, candied ginger, cashmere socks, cats, circus folk, cloudy weather, clove scented candles, collecting whiskers, costumes, dare wright, dark chocolate, del's frozen lemonade, doll houses, doll making, dolls, doves, drawing, dream magic, dried blood, earl grey tea, edward gorey, egon schiele, embroidery, ernest aris, exploring dead places, exquisite corpse, extinct animals, fairies, fat goldfish, fawns, flapper dresses, fox maidens, foxes, franz von bayros, gef the mongoose, gingerbread, gingerbread houses, gray and white cats, graycaps, gumdrops and lollipops, gustave dore, halloween, harry whittier frees, indian food, isolation, j. j. grandville, james swinnerton, john william waterhouse, kathe olshausen-schonberger, kittens, klimt, lambs, leeches, lilacs, lili elbe, lip stain, lonely doll, long hair, louis wain, lucid dreaming, luna moths, maple sugar people, masks, miniature deer, miss priss, moss, moths, mr jack, mt hope cemetary, mucha, mushroom children, needles, nosferatu, old houses, old lace, old mirrors, old rhinestone jewelery, old things, oliver herford, oranda, orphaned kittens, painting, pale skin, parasols, passenger pigeons, pelorian cats, peppermint tea, phookas, pink heart-shaped noses, pinwheel cookies, porcupettes, postcards, pressed flowers, pretty things, pumpkins, rain, rasputina, re-ment, reading, recording dreams, red and blue cats, retro kitchenware, rudolf schwarzkogler, saint aelwaer, sequins, serendipity books, silent movies, silhouettes, sir john tenniel, skulls, sleep, snails, storm drains, strange candy, striped dogs, stuffed animals, tea, tea parties, the beach at night, the brothers grimm, the forest, the land of counterpane, the moon, the twenties, thylacines, unazukin, veils, vintage clothes, vintage toys, violet flavored candy, vultures, walking at night, walking in the woods, willy pogany, wings, writing, zombie movies